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Ultimate Resilience Ltd

Award winning wellbeing and resilience training providers.

Founded by two Clinical Psychologists, Dr Jo Burrell and Dr Felicity Baker who with many years' experience in the NHS and privately, are experts in the fields of mental health, resilience and wellbeing.

With their own peer-reviewed and published model, The Skills-based Model of Personal Resilience, they bring all the tools and techniques needed to build resilience and maintain wellbeing over the longer term. Their resilience training, coaching and supervision draws on this model to enhance the lives of their clients, supporting them to manage challenge and change, to rebuild confidence, to manage stress and minimise overwhelm and burnout.

Their aim is to prevent the emergence of mental health problems by intervening with evidence-based tools and strategies at an early stage, allowing their clients to increase self-awareness of early warning signs and triggers, understand their stress responses and develop the skills they need to banish stress, recover and bounce back.

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