HostMaria plans to make Kathmandu the second core HQ

May 24, 2021

The UK based Web Hosting Company aim to shape Kathmandu as the second main headquarter.

24/05/2021, Maidstone, United Kingdom: HostMaria is a brand name of No Stress Ltd, a successful budget hosting company, and the company is planning officially to make Kathmandu the second main headquarter after the main HQ located in Maidstone, UK.

HostMaria announced that this expansion will help them experience growth and widen the market opportunities to reach potential customers. The new headquarter will support the development works to provide the best and brightest of services to the business.

No Stress Limited has been a UK-based company, since it was founded in May 2020, by a webmaster or 20+ years of experience, Helmuts Meskonis.

Helmuts Meskonis said: “Three of our employees are already working from Kathmandu, Nepal and we are very thrilled to move into the city, allowing us to discover the possibilities of providing budget UK Cloud hosting services to many businesses located there”.

He also thanks his hardworking employees for supporting this transition and ensuring that there weren’t any disruptions for the loyal customers. Also, he adds, “We want to make the customers feel smart by choosing our services. Our Services in Kathmandu will be open soon and looking forward to becoming a larger part of the Kathmandu Community.”

About No Stress Limited: No Stress Limited is an internet technology company established in May 2020, based in Maidstone, UK. HostMaria is the brand name name and registered trademark of No Stress Limited (UK). HostMaria offers managed servers and other data center-related services. Their experts have been helping and working with clients in different parts of the world to perform web and cloud hosting for 20+ years.

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No Stress Limited is an attentive company for web and cloud hosting ensuring greater flexibility and scalability based on Maidstone, UK. Our mission is to provide hosting at the best and affordable rates offering peace of mind and happiness. We perform global domain registration and have already more than 2600 customers worldwide. We are committed to customer happiness and stand out for making a difference.


We have discovered Nepalese employees to be trustworthy, reliable, and devoted to the mission of the company. We would not be able to provide the services that we do at this price point without our Nepalese team.

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