YAHOO! Tips to selling your home faster

ended 23. November 2021

A journalist at Yahoo Finance is after some quick tips on how to sell your home faster, e.g.  some people are turning to TikTok, others are turning to home-staging companies, but what's the best way to ensure a quick sale? Just a few lines will do, not War and Peace FFS.

3 responses from the Newspage community

Star Quote
“My top tip for getting a quick sale is blindingly obvious, namely make sure the property is warm and clean, smells nice and is free from as much 'life clutter' as possible. Psychologically, potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves living there, and the blanker the canvas you present them with, the more likely they will fall in love with the property. A pair of Y-fronts drying on a radiator is a definite no-no.”
"Make the pics eye-catching yet simple, as people will flick onto the next property if yours doesn't instantly catch their eye. Bright, clean and clutter-free is always a winner and, where possible, use a photographer or videographer. Good pictures and a great video will always sell a house quicker."
"In the current climate, it is definitely a sellers' market, however to achieve the maximum value many are thinking outside the box rather than using a national estate agent. Many independent estate agents will achieve the highest price for your home, and whilst their fees are typically higher, this is far outweighed by the service and sale price you will receive. Many other methods are also now being adopted, in particular the use of video marketing, online virtual tours and drone footage to really show off the property and local area to potential buyers. "Ultimately, as long as your home is clean, attractive and gives a great first impression, then the property will sell itself the moment someone walks through the door."