Yahoo! Style - tips for WFH

ended 13. October 2021

Following a survey suggesting 70% of home workers feel more isolated than ever working from home, a journalist at Yahoo! is putting together a feature for Yahoo Life about how to feel more connected when you are WFH. She's looking for an expert to provide a short general quote about why we're feeling so isolated now and then provide some quick (and hopefully unique) tips about what you can do to feel more connected if you are continuing to WFH.

Deadline is tight so keep responses to just a few sentences MAX!

7 responses from the Newspage community

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"Working from home is not for everyone, it is a skill that can be honed with time, but for those finding themselves with no other option, loneliness and wellbeing can become a real issue. If you have a team, set up diarised check-ins via zoom, encourage the use of slack to keep ideas and communication going throughout the day and don’t forget to take time for a break for lunch, walk to a shop and see other people outside. Technology can both help and hinder a WFH environment, but when you find the right balance, working from home can be just as rewarding and social as being in an office."
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"People are neurologically, hormonally and genetically programmed to favour connection over isolation. Lack of connection to others affects our view of ourselves and is linked to low self esteem, depression and also physical health risks such as high blood pressure and heart disease. No matter how individual our role, we need connection with colleagues. There are many ways you can introduce this even with remote teams. Hold online team meetings but instead of getting straight to business start with a check-in, or put people into breakout rooms to chat informally. Also, organise an online team-building activity, such as singing, mocktail making, quizzes. Take part in a team challenge and raise money for a good cause. Remember, not every activity will suit everyone so keep solutions varied and seek input from your team."
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"The need for social connection is something everyone feels (yes, even introverts) and WFH where technology is usually the only medium limits this basic human need. In terms of useful advice, It’s important to remember that one size doesn’t suit all. Spend some time thinking about what works for you and how much social connection you need to remain connected, then make it part of your daily or weekly routine."
"We all remember working in an office when we would lean over the desk to vent with a colleague about that 'difficult' decision, or pop to the kitchen or 'watercooler' to have a little break. At home, by contrast, we are very much isolated. So pick up the phone to your closest work colleague once a week during your lunch break and take 5 minutes a day to send them an email and see how they are."
"Human interaction is so important and there's no doubt a lot more people feel isolated. Employers can combat this by giving more flexibility, offering alternatives to office working like co-working spaces as a compromise between office and working from home. It's about giving employees the choice of where they want to work, and remembering one size doesn't fit all."
"Due to my disability I have been a WFH for some years dealing primarily with my wife's business admin and more recently tending to the breeding program of my Poison Dart Frogs. I must admit at the start I found my mental health suffered with no social interaction, but I now create time during the day to escape from "solitary confinement" by popping out to the shops for milk or to a coffee shop with a friend. Most importantly we live down a road with a very strong community spirit, so each day we meet up for chats and weekly (on a Friday) have a street party either outside if weather is nice or pop up a gazebo in gardens taking turns to host."
Isolation can lead to loneliness, which research shows can have dire consequences on performance for both the employee and organisation as a whole.