Yahoo! Style seeks psychologist

ended 16. August 2021

A journalist at Yahoo! Style is putting together a feature this morning about a new report revealing that angry social media users receive more likes. She's looking for a psychologist or perhaps even social media expert to comment on why having an angry or ranty opinion can receive more likes — and while more neutral opinions are not so popular. She's also looking for some tips and advice about how you can deal with social media anger if you find yourself getting worked up while using it and what to do if you're on the receiving end of social media rage.

4 responses from the Newspage community

People love a drama and watching others acting out from the safety of one's screen can give some a feeling of satisfaction. For some its entertainment and for others they can admire this misbehaviour from a distance. Avoid responding to social media when you are upset or angered by a comment. Give your self cooling off time, step away from it. If you must respond create a draft and save it but don't send it for an hour or so. Remember that sometimes silence speaks volumes! and can be a more effective response.
"Shrug it off!" is easier said than done, but if taken literally it might just be the solution! TRE is a somatic self-help tool that can support health and wellbeing. It's psychological as well as physiological. TRE exercises help your body to release deep muscular patterns of stress and tension and you'll literally shake off stress. Need more convincing? Watch a dog after a stressful event."
Strong rants on social media tend to resonate a lot more with followers than vanilla or middle-of-the-road posts that don't inspire that 'YES!' response, because they're so much more relatable. It's a relief to see that someone else feels the way you do about an issue, or about life in general. In an ocean of similar opinions, images and formats, something that sets you apart from the masses is much more likely to get that all-important engagement, than posting more of the same.
"Most of my social media posts start with a swear word or an aubergine emoji, and they're the ones that get the most reaction. If you're going to be bland on social media then you just blend in with everyone else. In order to encourage debate, conversation and opinions you must be willing to pick a side and not sit on the fence." "I have no issue posting a sweary, ranting post on social media and losing 20% of my followers in the process. The ones left are the people I'm selling to and are clearly engaged by the content I share."