Yahoo! Seeking psychologist for views on returning to office

ended 11. August 2021

A journalist @ Yahoo! UK is looking for a psychologist/therapist to comment on how to deal with the uncertainty of returning to the office if you've got in the groove of WFH. How do you mentally prepare for a potential transition back to the office if the thought leaves you anxious after WFH for so long? This is for Yahoo UK's Style section. Just 2-3 sentences please. No essays!


2 responses from the Newspage community

"Firstly, recognise that it is ok to feel anxious. You will not be alone, and this is an appropriate emotional response at a time of change. Notice when you’re having transition undermining thoughts, such as ‘it will be awful’ or ‘I’m safer at home’, and actively try to change these to transition enhancing thoughts, ‘it will be so great to talk in person again’ or ‘extra measures are in place to keep me safe’. "Recognise what you can and cannot control in the immediate office environment and the wider context. Accept and let go of things that are out of your control. Actively cultivate positive emotions about being in the office. Write down all the best things about being in the office. What have you missed? What are your best memories of fun times with colleagues pre-covid? "Draw on past experiences. For example, how have you navigated previous life transitions? What strategies or sources of support helped you then? What can you learn from these to help you now?"
"The pandemic has left us all feeling uncertain on so many levels. Lockdown anxiety is a real thing. When you have been cooped up in the house for so long it can be difficult to emerge into the hectic busy world. Thoughts of returning to the office can add to the anxiety as you think through all the steps you will have to take. Recognise that everyone is feeling some anxiety and be kind and compassionate to yourself. Plan your transition carefully, identifying any particular trigger points. Try out the journey to work to prepare and talk to friends or family about what concerns you most about going back to work and how you can best manage this. If need be, talk to your boss and see what arrangements and support can be put in place."