Weird and off-the-wall ways for dealing with a hangover

ended 13. December 2021

I'm getting spammed at the moment with endless requests from journalists for ways people can deal with a hangover over Christmas. With that in mind, have you got any off-the-wall or weird hangover cures, ones you swear by? For example, an old Hungarian pal of mine, after an obscene amount of vodka, used to eat a large raw onion on his way back to the pub the next morning, quoting Nietzsche and singing. It worked for him. Got any tips? Clearly this is a light story so anything goes.

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We all know (but are far too British to admit) that there is nothing quite like a good orgasm followed by a second snooze to conquer ones hangover.
By far, the best hangover cure is, without doubt, a quicky shufty, a pint of water with Dioralyte and a game of rugby in the freezing cold. There's something about engaging in elegant violence that immediately cleanses the body and soul. Works every time!
This is going to sound weird but a glass of tomato juice , some pickled gherkins and honey on toast, Something weird about the salty and sweet combo! Perks me up every time!
My hangover cure, which is tried and tested in the Boyle household is as follows, in this particular order. Cold shower, followed by a McDonalds breakfast, washed down with a glass of water, with added salt and sugar. Wait an hour, then eat 2 or 3 chocolate bars. Now you are ready to get on the lash again!
Alongside the water for hydration, something I swear by is before starting drinking, I write “I’m hungover” on my bedside notepad. Then before I go to bed drunk, I write “I’m hungover” underneath it. The acceptance when I read it the morning after makes me feel more mentally with it, like brain and body let’s go of any resistance to getting back to 100%. Given I don’t drink often, my drunk writing lets me know exactly how many I had, which is both hilarious and strangely comforting!
Absolute guaranteed hangover cure is toast, a banana, and a cucumber, in a blender, with some flax seeds, and a dash of extra virgin olive oil. I totally made that up, but it could work. Let me know if you try it. We all know the best cure is prevention. Boris definitely knows. That's why he's preventing all the Christmas parties this year. Except the secret Number 10 party of course. Shhh.
Drink Vodka and Orange juice, I was always told this hydrates you as you get drunk reducing the hangover, its sounds legit to me! Also take a borroca before bed, that kept me going for a week while skiing, however the retrun home hangover i think i still have... that was 2016
Being an aromatherapist using Neal's Yard Remedies organic essential oils and products in my treatments and selling them to my clients, it's a question I am often asked.. I recommend using detoxifying essential oils, grapefruit, juniper and rosemary are fantastic especially if used in a diffuser, maybe perhaps diluted in a plain shower or bath gel/oil or massage oil can really boost your system and are great "pick me ups" for the dreaded morning after.. If its the killer headache you are dreading, then our fabulous calming temple salve with lavender is definitely your got to product.. Many of my customers and friends swear by it. My words to anyone still struggling after trying any hangover cure is this.... "don't worry, at some point in the next 24 hours, you can guarantee you will feel loads better" 😁😂🍷🥃🍺🍹🍸
Not so much a hangover cure as displacement therapy, but my wife takes a 5 minute dip in the ice cold water of Clevedon Marine Lake on Boxing Day. Sounds like self-inflicted torture to me but she swears by it.
If you want the absolute, fool proof, 100% guaranteed way to totally and utterly ensure you will never again wake up with the hangover from hell ever again... I have the only 3 options that are tried, tested and certified to work... 1) if you don't go to sleep after that party, you physically cannot wake up with a hangover... 2) if you don't drink alcohol then you again physically cannot wake up with a hangover. 3) don't stop drinking until January 1st, by then you will be completely immune to that Christmas party hangover (it was last year, after all)
I swear by sushi as the ultimate hangover cure the day after (I call it hangover sushi) - does the trick!
Our go to hangover cure is white bread toasted, lashing of salted butter and poached eggs...never fails to restore the resolve to go again!
We all know how important it is for our health and wellbeing to take time out, to let our hair down, relax and enjoy pleasant company. But a hangover can cancel out these benefits. Whilst there are many ways of dealing with the physical effects, it is just as important to manage the psychological impact of a hangover. We might be cringing about what we said or did, annoyed with ourselves for not being able to function as well as normal or ruminating about having drunk so much. Spending a few moments meditating, scanning the body, letting go of these difficult, self-critical thoughts and feelings, and finding more positive ones instead might seem like an unusual hangover cure but will definitely help you to manage this psychological impact and free you up to take care of the physical effects.
My tried and tested hangover cure... wake up drink full sugar coca cola and eat salt and vinegar crisps.... then make a HUGE amount of mac and cheese (at least four types of cheese) and eat throughout rest of day.
I have the ultimate hangover cure - avoid it altogether! I am finding it more and more popular to ditch the alcohol completely- Hurrah! Alternatively - one alcoholic drink, one water works every time.
I lived in Ukraine for a year and was once told to drink pickle juice (so that's the vinegary, mustard-seeded water that jarred pickles / gherkins float around in). Just drink it neat. I'd rather endure the hangover. This book has been a besteller at Wordery over the last 2 years: (full of recipes for hangover food)