Wanted: views on 'Rage Therapy'

ended 12. April 2021

PA Media (the UK's biggest's newswire, which ‘feeds’ thousands of media outlets with stories) is seeking views from experts  on whether rage/scream therapy has benefits for mental health. The story is pegged to the rise of rage rooms around the UK.

If you have any thoughts on rage/scream therapy, we need them ASAP! Deadline is tight.

2 responses from the Newspage community

Breathing Space
"An outlet for our emotions is key. Some of us like to go to the gym, others meditate and certain people prefer to scream in a room. "There is almost certainly a benefit to having a release of energy and directing anger out in a free and comfortable space. "Of course, this would only be a quick fix. What it is not doing is addressing the thing that gets us to the point of screaming in the first place, and finding controlled ways of letting this out. "Screaming and shouting isn't bad as an instant fix but dedicating a room to do it is a lot of energy, which could be put to more constructive ways of handling our emotions for longer term gains."
"So-called rage or scream rooms are an interesting concept, that can't be denied. "Personally, I would need to see the research and evidence that they work before recommending them. "I certainly wouldn't advocate suppressing our emotions but equally people need to recognise and manage negative emotions in a way that will help them to live calmer and happier lives. "But we're all different and I would never dismiss a different style of therapy if there was scientific evidence to show its safety and efficacy."