Vote of confidence in PM

ended 06. June 2022

A vote of confidence in the PM will take place this evening. We sought the views of small business owners around the UK.

18 responses from the Newspage community

If I were a Conservative MP, I would be looking after my own back, considering that's exactly what Boris has been doing. I would vote against Boris as there have been too many screw ups and it's all become highly disjointed for the general public.
Of course, Boris should go. Boris and his deleterious cabal of lackeys have foisted an economically damaging and divisive Brexit on the nation in the biggest act of self-flagellation in history for his own narcissistic goal of becoming king. The poorest and most vulnerable in our society are suffering as a result, and the entire Tory party must take responsibility for this. They should all resign. On top of this, Boris has presided over one of the worst Covid death rates for a developed country, has no plan to tackle the cost of living crisis, presided over a culture of law-breaking in number 10 and then told bare-faced lies about it, not to mention the numerous other scandals he's been tied up with. However, the likelihood is he'll survive; pestilence like this is never treated with one dose of poison; it'll take the nation to collectively expunge this disgusting malignancy at the heart of our political establishment.
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The time has come for Boris to be hidden away from politics like a marmalade sandwich in Ma’am’s handbag. His blonde, blue-eyed flamboyant charm now reeks of incompetence in leading this country and the Conservatives. Boris has finally gone stale and he’s for the compost bin.
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Being PM is never an easy ride but bad news is circling Boris like flies a dung heap. Yet somewhat remarkably, bookies' odds suggest that Boris remains the clear favourite to achieve the 180 votes out of 359 and remain in place as PM, weathering yet another storm. Whether this will reflect the current public opinion is another matter entirely.
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Having met this chap a few years ago at an event where there was over 25 other MPs, he was the only one that came and spoke to the "unwashed masses". The others did not even want to look at us hoi polloi. I had some respect for him as he played the game well, with his shaking hands and idle chit chat. Yet what he has done is abhorrent, as a leader. You set the standard of behaviour that your team follows. Well, look at the behaviour of certain people now and the standard has certainly been set. If you cannot do this, then you need to step aside. It is the right thing to do, yet we have no evidence of him ever doing the right thing.
Boris should absolutely go. He should have gone as soon as #partygate happened. A leader should be strong, trustworthy and honest. Not a bumbling idiot who lies to everyone including his own party. He has got this country into such a mess and doesn’t have a clue what he is doing.
Yes, Boris should go, but what's the alternative? It just seems to be a rolling cycle of lies. Its about time there was a complete shake-up. Even if we replace Boris, will anything actually change?
Boris needs to move onto some cushy consultancy work, where his devoid leadership capability isn't on show to the whole country week in, week out. While the Queen was sat on her own at Philip's funeral, Boris was quaffing wine and partying. If that doesn't show the difference between real leadership and playing at leadership, and the moral charisma you should have if you truly serve a nation, then I don't know what else does.
I believe it is time for Boris to go. In overall policy terms, I don't think any alternative leader navigating the country through Covid-19 and Ukraine could have done better. However, with regard to the current economic situation, the policy to send refugees to Rwanda, the bizarre idea of just tearing up the Northern Ireland Protocol, he would be better on the cast of Give Us A Clue rather than Prime Minister. Partygate showed a totally unacceptable lazy interpretation of the rules within 10 Downing Street, and I have still to hear him make a meaningful apology. But Partygate worries me less than the thought that the current cabinet are like men (and women) on a liferaft, bobbing along with no real sense of direction because their rudder has lost the plot.
Unfortunately, now is not the time to be changing leadership of the government. I fear it will show the UK as weak in the eyes of the Russians and therefore weakness in NATO.
Boris Johnson should definitely go. He has lost the confidence of the Country. He has had more lives than Larry the Downing Street cat. He has shown the people of the UK that he thinks he is above the law. How can we be expected to respect anything he does or says anymore? We need a leader not a circus clown."
When the Government seems to an outside observer to exist solely to save Boris Johnson's skin, rather than actually govern and make its people's lives better, there is a huge problem. This lame duck government needs to get rid of its lamest duck.
I may be in the minority but I cannot see any benefit to Boris stepping down. We seem to be obsessed in this country with forcing leaders to quit before the end of their elected term. It rarely ever happens in other democratic countries but is suggested after ever single tiny mistake in the UK. Boris has made mistakes but we need stability and our leaders to concentrate on the very big tasks at hand like inflation, the cost of living crisis and the Russian war against Ukraine."
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"The mood of the country is no longer with Boris. The slow burning fuse of damaging stories, his lack of leadership and an absence of progressive policies means the time has come for his premiership to end. His team are always on the wrong side of the correct and decent way forward and unfortunately I fear his legacy is one of exacerbating the lack of trust in politics. Tory MPs must now do the right thing and get him out and bring a more centralist reformer into Number 10, someone like Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid or Penny Mordaunt. Boris can return to what he does best, after dinner speeches and penning controversial articles.
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Any Prime Minister with a gram (or, as he would prefer, an ounce) of integrity would have resigned as soon as he was found guilty of breaking the laws his own Government had made. The fact that Johnson did not do this is just the latest in a long line of reasons why his parliamentary colleagues now owe it to the country to bring his premiership to an end.
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Johnson should go but he will win this vote. Johnson has shown he is not a fit and proper person to hold the highest office in the land. His inability to tell the truth damages the nation's trust in Parliament and damages our position on the world stage. To go from a vote winner - with an unexpectedly large majority - to a national embarrassment in a little over two years is some achievement. If today's vote was held after the by-elections, I think he may well lose it but he will survive today. And since he can't face another vote for 12 months he will limp on until the next General Election, dragging the country down with him as he goes.
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The danger from a financial planning perspective is the uncertainty this brings to Rishi Sunak. What cannot be overlooked is the financial expertise he brought to the post, from the £36bn of investment into reform of the NHS and Social Care last year to the £15bn of financial support for households just two weeks ago. If a no confidence vote jeopardised his position then I would see that as potentially a bad thing for the UK.
I'm in disbelief that he's still here. Look, we all know that politicians in the main are corrupt and self-serving, but this government doesn't even have the class to hide it, and Boris is their shambling poster boy.