Views on jobs market and redundancies

ended 22. March 2021

Tomorrow morning, bright and breezy at 7am, the Office for National Statistics is publishing the latest jobs market data. It's likely to show unemployment rising further.

We're keen to hear your views on what's happening in the jobs market at present, whether that's helping people cope with redundancy or finding them new employment.

More generally, from what you're seeing, do you expect things to get better or worse during 2021? And is the Government doing enough to support jobs?

1 responses from the Newspage community

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown organisations and workers that you can work from home, work flexibly, carry out caring responsibilities as well as a career, remaining motivated and productive; managing the juggle in the most difficult of circumstances. Along side this, it’s an incredibly tough labour market out there. With redundancies rising and an unstable labour market, an increase in individuals wanting to work in a different way (and not the standard 9-5 at a desk), alongside the end of the Government’s Furlough Scheme and a real fear of recession and unemployment increasing, businesses will need to look for innovative solutions to retain key skills and experience, to aid them in the longer term and ride this wave.

If one good thing is to come out of the pandemic in relation to work it will be the rise in flexible working. Not just for working parents or carers, but for people who want more life balance. Now is a great time to trial different ways of flexible working, such as job sharing, to keep as many individuals in the workforce as possible, retain those skills and support the economy.