Views on jobs market and redundancies

ended 22. March 2021

Tomorrow morning, bright and breezy at 7am, the Office for National Statistics is publishing the latest jobs market data. It's likely to show unemployment rising further.

We're keen to hear your views on what's happening in the jobs market at present, whether that's helping people cope with redundancy or finding them new employment.

More generally, from what you're seeing, do you expect things to get better or worse during 2021? And is the Government doing enough to support jobs?

1 responses from the Newspage community

Working with Small Businesses there is a very different outlook depending on your industry.  

IT and Technology organisations that have continued to work from home during the lockdown are actually recruiting rather than making redundancies.

Charities - It is all dependant on the funding pots that are available but at present, there seems to be an increase in the funding and therefore jobs for projects are coming up thick and fast.

Hospitality / Retail / Events - Theses are the industries that are really suffering at the moment. It is mainly the unknown. We know that we have the roadmap from the government but we know as Christmas things can change. With furlough not now paying the PAYE and Pensions - for some who have been closed since December with no money coming in this is crippling them. Along with the change in using furlough to pay with the notice period. If small businesses in these industries need to make redundancies it is going to end up costing them a lot of money a possibly their business!