Urgent tips needed for Glamour Magazine Online

ended 26. March 2021

Glamour Magazine (online) want practical tips for a millennial audience on how to 'rewire your brain to think positively' this year as we emerge from the pandemic. A few quick tips is all we need. No need for an essay as deadline is urgent.

6 responses from the Newspage community

The Daisy Chain Group
To think positively, we need to be able to "change our mind". THINK about what you are focusing on; is it the positive or the negative? What you focus on GROWS, so make sure that you are willing to change your focus to the positive. For instance, if you are driving in your car and think "I could have an accident here" - CHANGE YOUR THINKING to "i am a good driver, i will arrive safe and well" and then enjoy the ride!
Breathing Space
The first important step is to never judge yourself for feeling 'negative' and 'down'. Remove the labels and just acknowledge your feelings. We shouldn't chase positivity in itself but take more time to learn our own patterns and behaviours. Take more time to understand your emotions and allow yourself to feel them. Introduce short periods every few hours to take time out and use connected breathing practices to take more control of the day-to-day rather than letting the mind constantly walk off. Retrain your mind to look inwards a little rather than just outwards, and find comfort in who you are.
Mental Health Charter
A good place to start is practising mindfulness and bringing positivity into the present moment. It's important that you're kind to yourself, something many people forget. Try to counter negative thoughts with their extremely positive counterparts and surround yourself with positive people, books, movies and songs.
May Simpkin Nutrition
Remember that great food choices go a long way to ensuring a healthy and positive mindset. In other words, if you eat well there's a better chance you'll feel well. Where possible, avoid refined sugar that plays havoc with your blood sugar levels; instead, opt for complex choices that release sugars more slowly into your bloodstream so you avoid a surge followed by the inevitable crash soon after. Combine complex protein foods with high fibre complex carbohydrates, such as vegetables, wholegrains, beans and pulses Eat a rainbow; choose vegetables that are deep in colour. These will be high in antioxidants and will provide the nutrients your body and mind need to perform optimally. Eat healthy fats, as our body needs fats! Our nerves specifically need fats, so choose foods like oily fish, avocado, walnuts and chia that are rich in healthy essential Omega-3s.
The best way to rewire your brain is to slow down, plant your feet on the floor and take a deep breath (or two). Thinking positively is hard but if you take tiny steps, those tiny steps can build into a positive that you might never have realised you’re capable of. Today you might have the aim of going for a walk, but if a walk feels like a big thing break it down to something smaller such as opening the window and getting some fresh air that way. That might be enough for today and that’s fine. By the end of the week you might have built up to a walk around the block and you can keep building on that. At the end of each day, think of three small things you’re grateful for. A cup of tea, a comfy bed and a bath always work for me.
Openforwards CBT & Counselling
Forget positive affirmations, as they only help when you feel OK anyway. To think more positively, you need to do two things: let go of negative thoughts and focus on an activity that makes you feel good. You can’t think your way out of anxiety or self-doubt. Instead, practice stepping back from negative thoughts and loosen your grip on worry and rumination. Imagine throwing down your picnic blanket, lying down and looking up at the sky. Place each negative thought that comes into your mind on a cloud as it breezes over your head. This way, you disentangle yourself from unhelpful thinking. The next step is to pick yourself up and choose where you want to go. Ask yourself: what do I care about and select one small activity to improve your health, work and relationships. In short, put down your pandemic woes and pick up the activity that helps you thrive.