Ultra low emission zones and house prices

ended 22. October 2021

A journalist at the Daily Express is looking for transport and property experts to share their insight on whether the new ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) charges in London will affect the housing market. London is an increasingly unaffordable place to live as wages remain constant and the cost of living increases due to inflation. The new ULEZ charges will affect most London residents from 25th October, but will the areas that just miss the zone become more expensive, e.g. the west of Ealing/ Barnet.

2 responses from the Newspage community

Star Quote
"This is just another reason to add to the long list of reasons to not live in London. Yes, we need to reduce emissions, yes, we need to tackle climate change, but why does it always seem to be at the cost of working people when we know full well that it's a drop in the ocean compared to the real Co2 emitters? This is good news for house prices in the surrounding areas as people move out. After all, it's an easy train commute into London anyway, stopping at Rejection, Disappointment and Shattered Dreams Parkway. Come to the north; you'll be able to buy a house and actually have a life."
"I don't think it will have a significant impact as there are a number of factors that affect house prices in London. More importantly is how close a property is to a local tube station, as that is always desirable for people living in the capital."