Twitter and the Muskmeister

ended 25. April 2022

It's increasingly looking like Twitter is going to be snapped up by Elon Musk, the world's richest man, who rather likes his tweeting. Musk is all about free speech and many are worried all hell will let loose. What are your thoughts? If Musk buys Twitter, will it be a good thing for a platform that has lost the edge it once had or could there be a negative outcome, i.e. Twitter will become an even Wilder West than it already is? 

3 responses from the Newspage community

If Musk buys twitter, twitter will be turned into the first crypto social media platform possibly all about dogecoin as well. He'll change the full crypto and NFT market for sure with this one move. One thing he promised is he will get rid of all bots and fake accounts which currently twitter struggles with and that hinders the reach of certain users on the platform. It could mean the rise of a new kind of twitter platform for sure. That could end up being useless for the mere mortals who haven't got a clue of crypto, ewallets and NFT and whatnot so it might have a huge spike and then go down to being super niche.
Damn but US$43 billion is steep for an edit button, removal of spam bots & supposed desire for 'free speech'. This could go either way but prepare to be entertained.
Amit Shah
Founder at Teddo Play
For what THE Elon that we all know is, he will give power back to the people. He is someone who is all about free speech and probably the only man on earth who is capable of and willing to stand against propaganda and puppetry! What Twitter couldn’t achieve in 16 years, Musk could very easily do it in 16 months, ie make Twitter profitable!