Travel chaos

Journalist: Sarah O'Grady, The Daily Express

ended 01. June 2022

I'm looking for fresh comment on the current travel chaos facing passengers at UK airports and ferry terminals.  Personal case study stories also welcome.  Comments need to explain issues behind the chaos and what travel companies/airlines  can do to solve problems.  Any sign of travel bookings falling as people decide to stay home?  What is the impact going to be on the economy if people can't fly?


2 responses from the Newspage community

Inevitably bookings across the UK have been down compared to last year's bun fight, but almost overnight the lure of guaranteed sunshine and bottles of chilled rosé abroad has been overshadowed by travel chaos. As a result, enquiries for UK-based seaside holiday homes have been flooding in like seagulls swooping towards a cone of chips; the Great British holiday is back on with a vengeance.
The travel industry was one of the hardest hit during all of the lockdowns and travel restrictions. So we really don't want to see these sorts of scenes, as they threaten the fragile recovery of UK travel companies, especially if it continues for an extended period. Whilst most of our international clients have not yet been affected by this issue, a number of UK clients have raised concerns. They see images of big queues but are finding it hard to get clear information on whether their specific flight might be impacted or not.