The UK jobs market: your views wanted

ended 17. May 2021

On Tuesday morning (18th May) at 07:00, the Office for National Statistics is publishing the latest official jobs data. In short, it will tell us whether UK unemployment is rising, falling, or staying much the same.

We want your views on what you're seeing in the jobs market, e.g.

  • Has confidence among employers picked up over the past month or so?
  • Is the true state of the jobs market being hidden by the furlough scheme?
  • Are businesses more bullish than they were a few months ago, or battening down the hatches for when the various Government support measures come to an end?

Feel free to add any other thoughts and musings. Just 2-3 paragraphs will do — do NOT rewrite In Search of Lost Time.

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1 responses from the Newspage community

“The private medical insurance sector has seen a surge in enquiries recently. This has had a knock-on effect on staff numbers needed to service these new Clients and signals confidence in the market to us.” “We’ve seen a surge in enquiries for workplace wellbeing over the last month at white-collar employers. They’re wanting to offer attractive reward packages for their recruitment efforts which is a really strong signal to us that the market is picking up.” “We’ve seen a lot of enquiries about wellbeing tools to engage younger workers recently. It’s suggesting to us that whilst employers are optimistic about the future, there could be a huge issue with older workers facing joblessness.”