The Sun: urgent HR request

ended 30. June 2021

A journalist at The Sun is writing a piece on whether people will get a day off if England wins the Euros. 
-Is there any chance it could be a national holiday?
-Can employees ask for the day of the match and the next day off
-Can your boss refuse a holiday request on those days?
-What are people's rights on sick days?
-What if your boss finds out you've taken a sick day when you're not sick?

Deadline is ultra-tight! Literally, type away.

1 responses from the Newspage community

"I dont' think that it will be a national holiday but employers need to be thinking about how to plan for it now. "Be proactive and find out ASAP if anyone would like to take the day off or the one after (if the hangover is that bad!) and manage expectations. "As an employer, you can refuse a holiday request but then they might phone in sick so you are going to be in the same situation."