The Sun article on flexible working

ended 09. July 2021

A journalist at The Sun needs urgent comment from employment and HR experts on how to go about asking your boss for flexible working to continue post July 19. Also, what are your flexible working rights after July 19 (if indeed you have any at all)?

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"If you have worked for the same employer for at least 26 weeks, legally you have the 'right to request' flexible working and your employer has a 'duty to consider' this. "Top tips for making your request, think about the business benefits, e.g. customer calls can be taken over a longer period, there will be a reduction in office costs. "Also think about the impact on your colleagues, and ways to reduce this. For example, you will be more flexible to cover their leave. "Finally offer a trial period and if it doesn't work out agree you will return to your 'normal' working pattern."
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“Employers are not obliged to approve flexible working requests, however it could be difficult to refuse home working or hybrid working as the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that many businesses can operate successfully with this approach. “If employers aren't already having conversations around flexible working when people return to offices after 19th July, then they are already at a disadvantage. “It's easier to anticipate employees that will exercise their statutory right, rather than being inundated with requests.”
"The past 18 months have thrown the traditional flexible working request route right out the window. When it comes to flexible working, and homeworking, history is now on your side. "Always do a little bit of prep work so that you make it easy for your boss to say yes. "Any request needs to show that you have looked at things from the perspective of the business as opposed to just what you want for yourself. If you can show to your boss that the business will benefit from this approach, your job convincing them will be far easier. "Ultimately, think through in detail what’s right for the business, what’s right for the team and what’s right for you. That's a great point to start a conversation."