The Pingdemic, Government U-turns and PR disasters

ended 18. July 2021

While self-isolation rules wreak havoc across so many businesses and charities, our PM and Chancellor decided to take part in a “pilot programme” where they get would be tested daily rather than self-isolate. Then they U-turned. Below are views from small business owners around the UK, all of whom are being massively impacted by the Pingdemic.

10 responses from the Newspage community

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“The sheer chutzpah of this Government is breathtaking. As businesses, parents and others struggle on with their self-isolation sacrifice, once again it’s a case of do as I say, not as I do. At least they had the sense to reverse the decision."
"This makes me so cross! There are businesses closed in Salcombe right now, losing out on the critical 6 week money-making season which accounts for 70-80% of annual turnover for many coastal hospitality businesses. The Test and Trace app is simply unsustainable. It is no wonder that within the hospitality industry the app is being deleted faster than U2's album on iTunes. The U-turn is yet another PR disaster."
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Yet again the ruling class are treating us all like mugs. They have decimated so many small businesses already, and stuck two fingers up at limited company directors, and Sunday's drama added even more fuel to the fire. One rule for them, one for the rest of us minions. The record-breaking U-turn shows how out of touch they are.”
"It's one rule for us, another for them. I'd say I'm in absolute disbelief but I'm not. I've been worried for the past week about whether my daughter's lateral flow test would come back positive, and the impact on my business if it did, as I would have to self-isolate and shut up shop."
"This is wrong, wrong and wrong again. It feels like an elitist joke. At least they had the sense to reverse the decision. Businesses are closing around the UK, putting jobs at risk and destroying all of the hard work towards recovery. Imagine all the businesses that wouldn’t have to close if this pilot scheme was open to the ‘ordinary’ people who take risks every day to start businesses, create jobs and pay the salaries of our elected representatives."
"It's time this Government understood that leadership is about consistent messaging and modelling. What you say and do as leaders matters and sends messages to the people. The message being given out is that we can do what we like because we are in the Government and rules can be broken by us and not you. The only positive is that they finally made the right decision to self-isolate after all."
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"Another absolute farce from this Government. The U-turn doesn't make it better, either, but only reinforces how out of touch they are. I was pinged to self-isolate, and had to be away from my business for 10 days because my neighbour had tested positive. Well unless Covid can get through two brick walls and a walk-way, then it was a total waste of my valuable time."
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"For members of the Government to have even thought they might be able to avoid the self-isolation rules while so many businesses suffer is rubbing a huge amount of salt into an already very painful wound. They may have U-turned but the damage is already done."
"For the Chancellor and PM to avoid self-isolation reinforces the sheer contempt they have for us as individuals and businesses. We can’t be surprised by this can we? It’s been the same all the way through."
"If we have to self-isolate, then so should those who apparently represent us and so the decision to self-isolate after all was the right one. As a small, independent close-contact business, I’m paranoid about getting pinged. Having just one of my customers test positive will close my entire business for two weeks with no financial support.”