The HR World - media opportunity

ended 10. January 2022

Recruitment firm, Reed, says today is known as Massive Monday in the trade because of the high numbers of people looking for jobs, or wanting to switch careers.

  • Are you seeing a high turnover of staff among your clients?
  • Do your clients have a high number of vacancies?

Quick submissions are appreciated as The HR World will be publishing the article today.

3 responses from the Newspage community

"It's a perfect storm of high vacancies, high absences and low levels of available labour. Our clients are thinking creatively to attract, develop and retain key talent. Gone are the days of posting on a job board and receiving heaps of applicants, it's all about the candidate and what's in it for them. Companies need to articulate clearly why candidates should apply to their business."
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"As someone who spends all day talking to recruitment and HR leaders, I can unequivocally confirm that Monday and this week as a whole is a time many are dreading. The "Great Resignation" has already hit many firms right where it hurts, and this week could be the straw that breaks the camel's back. That said, people will be looking to move on from other organisations also, so all is not lost. Thinking positively, perhaps it's a great opportunity for companies to hire some fantastic new talent?"
"Christmas is always a time of reflection and there is always a lot of movement in the jobs market once it's over. At the moment we have clients with new budgets and unfortunately having to restructure due to the increases in costs that are about to hit in April. On the flip side, employees are making choices to ensure they can afford their bills so if salaries are not competitive then you may find your talent walking out the door. I have heard this from candidates and clients." I always advise my clients to advertise over the Christmas period even if they don't want to start a new employee until April or May.