The Budget - 24 hours on

ended 28. October 2021

It's been 24 hours since the Chancellor sat down after delivering his Budget. A lot of what was announced has now been dissected so if you have any additional or new views, please send them across and we will share with the media. Be as outspoken as you like. The media like it when the gloves are off.

7 responses from the Newspage community

The budget was nothing but grandstanding at its finest. Living standards have been squeezed since the 2008 financial crash, and with a combination of tax rises that are due to take effect, the reality is that living standards for most people will remain the same - crap. Inflation raging, mortgage rates rising, rent soaring, unemployment up, utility prices at all-time highs, the worst wage stagnation since Napoleonic times, debt to GDP at recent highs, NHS waiting lists longer than a Leonard Cohen song, a crisis in GP's, crime up, distrust of the Police, the poorest left to starve, food shortages and still COVID to contend with. The cherry on top, however, has to be we're going to get the fantastic Brexit benefit of swimming in shit. If anyone thinks that this budget does anything to address the structural issues with our economy or goes anyway to help with the existential climate catastrophe that threatens our very way of life, they are either mad, bad or Tory.
increase in Energy cost Increase in fuel cost Increase inflation so Increase in cost of living Increase interest rates coming I cannot see any help us the working person Oh yes Increase in National insurance So we are SCREWED.
seems we are not all in this together, as smaller businesses clearly aren't part of this budget...
I am absolutely astonished that yet again Hair & Beauty salons, well as the mobile salon services have been ignored, we have had just as much disruption during the crisis as the Retail, Hospitality & Leisure industries, and we still do with 95% of us are still experiencing late cancellations and no shows due to Covid and more recently fuel crisis and rising costs of energy and food. Means our customers are cancelling us to be able to Eat & Heat.
Being a disabled person myself, I feel a massive discrimination injustice has occurred yet again. Those disabled people who are medically & physically unable to work have received absolutely nothing to assist them with the rising costs of energy, food, clothing, in fact absolutely everything.. Yet have experienced a cut in universal credit.. Those people/myself including have higher costs due to requirements for electrical adaptation equipment, fuel for hospital appointments, special dietary requirements cost lots more than most.. It's disgusting that people still think its OK for those people to live below the poverty line.
"It was a sensible decision by Rishi to suspend the pension triple lock this year. Although pensioners may be upset about not receiving an 8% increase, they will still receive an inflationary increase. This is likely to be more than most workers will get. There would have been an outcry from those still working if the increase had been 8%!"
This budget leaves me "cold". Higher prices and increased taxes will reduce disposable income having a direct impact on the Hospitality sector and those supplying the trade as well. The supply sector was excluded during Covid and is getting hit further by the Government - disappointing!