Tesco hacked - website and app down

ended 24. October 2021

The Tesco website and app went down late morning and, having checked them myself, are still down as I write this (once you go to the grocery section you enter an error page). We're after cybersecurity and IT experts to answer the following Qs:

  • What can companies do to prevent hackers and cyberattacks?
  • Do big corporates have to accept that they are always going to be in the firing line and simply react as they can when the inevitable happens? 
  • What preventative measures can companies take against hackers?

Any other thoughts, jot them down. Keep your responses short and sweet. Soundbites, not war and peace!

1 responses from the Newspage community

"One of the key preventative measures brands can take against hackers is to practice different incidents with security experts on an ongoing basis. "Running through what might happen and preparing for as many potential scenarios as possible highlights the causes and remedies before they actually matter. "The security hygiene of even the biggest firms can be surprisingly inadequate. With that in mind, making sure relevant staff are well trained and prepared for cyber attacks, that systems are patched and updated, and that people know what to do in multiple different scenarios is key. "Unfortunately the best things that can be done for security are to design systems and processes with security front of mind. Trying to apply secure practices after the build is like attempting to waterproof a sieve."