Supply chain crisis and Christmas

ended 28. October 2021

A journalist at the Telegraph is looking for views from retailers and retail experts on whether supply chain crises will add to the cost of Christmas. Any thoughts, jot them down. No essays, please. Just a few lines will do!

2 responses from the Newspage community

Supply chain issues usually mean that prices will rise, when there is less of something retailers need to put the price up to make the money. It’s important if you want something this year to order early, and check out places like farm shops and independent retailers for items. And make sure if you want to save money you are checking out available discounts!
"We work with around 200 businesses who manufacture in the UK. Whilst, in some cases, consumers may pay a little more for higher quality products and local wages, you would be surprised how many great Christmas gifts they offer at affordable prices. Our sellers have a wide selection of gifts available, made in the UK, for under £50 including delivery. That said, we highly recommend planning ahead this year and ordering a little earlier than you normally would, as even local deliveries could experience delays later in December."