Solving the housing shortage

ended 10. February 2022

As we all know, there is a massive lack of stock on the market. Equally, successive Governments have failed to build enough new homes. Bearded Newspager Lewis Shaw has suggested that if the over 60's or anyone of state pension age could sell and buy without incurring stamp duty, this may encourage more downsizing to free up the family homes that are desperately needed — and inject more liquidity into the market generally. One question: (we will be issuing this alert tomorrow morning):

  • Beyond just building more homes (which is obvious), how else could we solve the lack of stock and make the market more fluid? The more offbeat and imaginative, the better. That said, the Logan's Run approach is probably a bridge too far.

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3 responses from the Newspage community

One sure-fire way of providing more accommodation would be to turf Jacob Rees-Mogg out of his country pile and turn it into apartments. However, I'm pretty sure the Moggster wouldn't be down with that as he maintains antediluvian views on almost everything.
One idea that's been floated is house sellers pay stamp duty, not buyers. Making it more expensive to indulge in property speculation, second home buying, holiday lets etc would also help. It would reduce prices, and free up stock for first time buyers, or homeowners wanting to move.
As a seafaring nation, we need to take to the high seas once more. Using our nautical knowledge we can build more cruise ships, then get the olds onboard and then release their houses back onto the property market. Rule Britannia! Britannia rule the waves. Britons over pension age shall go watch whales.