Should Boris go?

ended 12. January 2022

Boris Johnson was under the worst fire yet at PMQs today, with repeated calls for him to resign. We asked small businesses whether he should go. The response was unanimous.

20 responses from the Newspage community

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"Boris needs to go, but who's the alternative? There is not a single decent politician that has worked in the 'real world' with the experience to lead sadly."
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"We seem to be living in a post-truth world where honesty and accountability count for nothing. If Boris has any shred of decency and self-respect, he should go this week. Imagine the outrage if this party had been revealed at the time. We wouldn't even be debating if he should resign."
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"Don't blame the Merlot, BoJo, just go."
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"I stuck to the rules last year and didn't attend my younger brother's funeral. Instead, I watched it on Zoom. There was no getting together afterwards and we were not allowed to congregate at all. Travelling 120 miles for a half-hour service, I decided to let someone else take my place. That would have been the last time I saw my older brother as he died a month or so after. I cannot put into print what I think of Boris."
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"Even our Queen sat alone for her husband's funeral in order to abide by government guidelines. There are no exceptions for special treatment or double standards, especially during such a critical time in our history. Boris must go."
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"If the Government was a company, Boris would have been out on his ear a long time ago. I'm no HR expert but Covid guidelines are there to keep everyone safe and this Government has ridden roughshod all over them. Waiting until 2024 is too long for the next General Election given the extraordinary events of the pandemic."
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"Boris should go, though it pains me that it's taken a drinks party to push it over the line rather than his cabinet's endemic corruption throughout."
"Boris is a stranger to the concepts of probity and truth; each day that passes now imbues every conservative MP who does nothing with the stain of Boris's exploits. To say nothing is as bad as carrying out the actions themselves. Grow some balls the lot of you."
"Boris should have gone months ago. People have lost family and friends. People have lost their businesses. People are suffering with their mental health. The People of the UK have been treated like scum."
"The holder of the highest office in the land should lead by example. It is clear that Boris absolutely can't."
"Is it so much to ask for a PM who's ethical, honest and transparent, and upholds the rules he sets for others? Boris should stand down with immediate effect."
"The magnitude of the PM’s arrogance is as staggering as his inability to read the public mood."
"Leaders are meant to set examples. Boris Johnson has set a terrible example and has to go for the credibility of the entire nation."
"Boris need to go. Being PM seems to have become a vanity project rather than doing the right things for our country. Surely real leaders see when the mood has turned and do the right thing for the people they are leading. Pathetic man."
"If Boris has lied to Parliament then his position is untenable. Will he jump or will he be pushed?"
"To be a successful leader you need people around you to believe in what you say and lead by example. Unfortunately, no one now believes a word Boris says and therefore his position is untenable. We badly need a new breed of politicians who are down to earth, who stop avoiding questions and who are honest. That's a pipe dream, of course."
"I wrote a book on the first 3 months of the Pandemic called Locked Down But Not Out, writing daily on every item of news and what was said in the evening briefings. I had started to document that Boris hadn't been turning up to the daily briefings and guess what? When I checked back to what I had written on the 20th May he was not present at the briefing - it was delivered by Priti Patel and Patrick Vallance. So whilst she was reinforcing the rules and was telling us that the deaths on that day were 351 was he in the garden relaxing with a nice glass of Bordeaux in the 'lovely' weather and enjoying the company of his colleagues? Maybe having a giggle over the Dominic Cummings castle debacle which, two days later he totally blocked all debate over? "Too disgusting for words when we hear the amount of people who could not have funerals or had to say goodbye to people via Facetime (including my best friend) as we all kept to the rules. The question isn't "Should he go?" It is how quickly can they evict him and every other person who thought it was OK to espouse one thing and totally do the other."
"Should Boris stay or should he go? We all know that if he goes there will be trouble, but if he stays it could certainly be double. Either way, he should definitely let us know, and fast."
"Yes, Boris should resign. It will be a great way to signify that lies and bluster is not the way a country should be led. Honesty is the best policy."
"I'm absolutely livid. We cater for numerous events and parties throughout the year, and in 19 years of business can categorically say that I have never come across any guest attending a party, not realising that it was an 'actual party'. It's time for the Conservative Party to get a new Leader."