Russian sanctions and fashion industry

ended 04. March 2022

A journalist at the Mail Online is keen for views from fashion and business experts on how sanctions against Russia could impact the UK and global (high) fashion industry. The fallout is already evident in the way ASOS, Burberry and H&M have all suspended trade with Russia.

  • Could Russian designers see their trade hit?
  • Do you expect people to avoid buying Russian brands, and how long could this go on for?
  • Could Russian models find fashion houses are less keen to use them?
  • What other impact could the war have on the fashion industry?

No need for an essay. A couple of paragraphs will do. Please ensure you have a hi-res jpeg of yourself in your media pack.



1 responses from the Newspage community

"The ability of such large fashion businesses to yield their ‘soft’ power will undoubtedly have some impact on the Russian high street, fashion industry and economy, but will Putin take note? It’s unlikely. My own nimbleness has allowed me to create a fundraising T-shirt, in aid of LGBTQ+ Ukrainians. I have friends based in Ukraine and was incredibly concerned for them as soon as news of the invasion broke and immediately wanted to help. I created a ‘Dove for Peace T-shirt’ within hours. I reached out to my friends asking what cause would best benefit from the £5 generated from each sale. They suggested Ukraine Pride, who are diligently trying to defend and support the LGBTQ+ community in Ukraine. So far I’ve raised £340, a meagre but heartfelt amount, which I hope will support my queer siblings in Ukraine, who are especially vulnerable to the intolerance of Russia under Putin. Longer terms effects specific to the fashion industry are impossible to predict, but I do hope that we can separate Putin from his people. It’s clear many Russians are as appalled by his actions as I am. It may well be that people start to shun Russian brands, as we're already seeing, but it's important to note that not all Russians back Putin."