Retail sales data Friday morning

ended 16. December 2021

At the cockcrow tomorrow morning, the Government is publishing the latest retail sales data. If you're a retailer, online or off (or hybrid), we want to know how things are for you right now.

  • How have sales been over the past month or so? 
  • Has the festive period been better or worse than expected?
  • Are you optimistic about 2022?
  • What are your main concerns right now (e.g. Omicron, lack of Govt support)?

As ever, no need for an essay. A paragraph or two will be just perfect.

10 responses from the Newspage community

"People have stepped up and are buying from local retailers. We have had a great month with Christmas sales outstripping our expectations. Our online marketplace has experienced more than 1000% sales growth this year, and so far our December numbers have already overtaken November. This demonstrates that if the product and price are right, people are very happy and willing to support local businesses. There are, of course, challenges out there. Logistics are tough at the moment with all types of delivery service seeming to struggle to keep pace. And many of our sellers who would like to deliver to Europe (and see demand from there) simply can't make it work right now because of the level of cost and bureaucracy. Add Omicron into the mix and there are a lot of red flags ahead."
"I'm an online retailer and my sales slumped quite considerably in September and October, as people visited physical shops. Fortunately, they have improved in the lead up to Christmas, which is a huge relief. As a tiny artist-led business, I do have a capacity to be nimble, though in these times of uncertainty it’s hard to know what the future holds. In 2022, I hope to continue to develop Birds Can Fly. I’ve been relying on my now dwindling savings and have asked for no Government support. As I look to the immediate future, I’m filled with a mixture of fear, trepidation and just a light sprinkling of hope. Despite all the uncertainty, I’m now tentatively optimistic."
"My sales are like a kid on a bouncy castle: up and down and then at some point you feel a bit sick. Retail sales are up, but corporate sales are down as they haven't been able to predict what is going on therefore the gifting market has been hit hard. Looking ahead to 2022, I haven't got a clue what to expect but all we can do as small business owners is try and be on the front foot and make the best of whatever is thrown at us."
"After a slow September and October, sales have been frantically busy throughout November and December. With the arrival of the Omicrom variant, online sales quickly increased as many people stopped going out. As soon as people were allowed out after the lockdowns, my online sales slowed but the shops I sell through immediately picked up. It's useful to be both online and in bricks and mortar shops. It's certainly a roller coaster but I'm so grateful to be working in food manufacturing where we have been able to continue to work."
"We have actually seen a rise in sales over the last month. I think consumers are getting more wise to needing to save money on everyday expenses. Having said that our sales are still lower than pre-Covid, but that will apply to most companies. I am optimistic about next year but do fear another lockdown could be the final nail in the coffin for some of the businesses we work with."
"After a slow start to the festive season and an alarmingly quiet September and October, my sales through November and December have been better than expected. It seems that the biggest challenge facing online small businesses in the current climate is visibility, and if you can crack that, customers are really keen to support independent traders."
"Throughout the whole of this pandemic, from one lockdown to another, online sales for small independent businesses have been incredibly unpredictable. My business has seen its best months and also its worst months, with this year since April being the worst since opening in 2018. Last year there was a big push to support small businesses online but this year there has been a push to support the high street leaving online retailers like me not knowing what is around the corner. In order to keep my business afloat due to these uncertanties I have had to sell equipment and change my business model, meaning I can't provide the same services I once could. Let's just say, it has been incredibly tough. The Christmas sales I would usually see simply aren't there like previous years."
We supply and install Electric Car Chargers. Business is booming but getting extra electricians on board is hard. Certainly a shortage of skilled men out there. We are doing great but I have loads of friends in business who are struggling to pay back their Bounce Back Loans and tax. There will be a lot of small companies going under in the next few months.
As an on line accessories boutique , we have had a fantastic November and 2 weeks of December . Sales up 50% in November compared to last year . Supply chain issues have hurt us this Christmas season and we have not been able to source some of our most popular bags . Would sales have been even better or have customers customers chosen other items? We are very excited about 2022 with our main concern being sourcing stock .
This festive period could have been so much better but with too many uncertainties around lockdowns and restrictions, the furlough scheme coming to an end, supply chain issues, the list is pretty extensive - people haven't spent as much as they did in 2020 or even in 2019. May be it is down to uncertainties or people are learning to save - the latter is not a bad thing but I believe more should be done to encourage a mindset in people to shop small. For us, we have managed to survive this year, thanks to trade shows, in-person events, exhibitions and markets but we have noticed that people are out and about more shopping from high street retailers and have forgotten about their new-found love and respect for small family-run businesses that they discovered in 2020. I am looking forward to 2022 where I am very optimistic that this overblown bubble will finally pop and people will come out wiser.