Retail market: your views wanted!

ended 17. June 2021

Tomorrow (Friday) morning at 07:00 the Office for National Statistics is publishing retail sales data for May.  This is the first official snapshot of activity levels last month. We're therefore seeking the views of smaller retailers (bricks and mortar/online/hybrid), which we will send to your local and also the national media. Questions to answer include, e.g.

  • What was your experience of sales in May (and June to date)?
  • Are people spending more, or less, than you anticipated? And why?
  • How do you think things are going to be later in the year when the Government withdraws all support measures?
  • How do you see the future of the UK high street?

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1 responses from the Newspage community

We have seen a fall in retail sales with the businesses we work with in May, with the weather being so nice people are finding other things to do rather than going shopping. With the extension of restrictions I think the government will need to offer more support especially to the hospitality sector. Having said that our sales at My VIP Card have started to improve which shows people are more willing to go out and about and spend money. I still think people are waiting to spend money until they know there are no more chances of a further lockdown. Once support is stopped , and furlough is stopped it will be interesting to see what the retail market will look like. Local councils need to think of ways to bring more people into the high street, free parking, bus ticket reductions , and make the high street more of a destination rather than just shopping. Retailers need help to drive footfall and councils have the power to help