Reducing children's screen time - tips

ended 03. November 2021

A journalist at Yahoo Life is writing a piece about how parents can help reduce their children's screen time following research that says it has doubled during the pandemic. She's looking for a parenting expert/psychologist to provide some tips on how you can help your children to reduce their screen time now that life is starting to return to some sort of normality. Deadline is super tight so just a few quick tips!


2 responses from the Newspage community

Get outside even if it's not great weather. Get your wellies on and warm coats and if you can get to nature. It's really restorative and you can build dens, play hide and seek - even the big kids enjoy it when they stop grumbling!
Monitor your own screentime - if you're face first in your phone all the time then you're never going to win this argument! We have a 30 minute a day screen time limit and only when all jobs and violin practice have been done. We also read books together and play families together. Our children are way nicer humans when they haven't been staring at a screen for hours so we make it happen for all of us.