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ended 05. January 2022

A journalist at Red Magazine is looking for a Clinical Psychologist / Psychosexologist who has expertise in the psychology of relationships. She is writing a feature about the psychology of flirting and wants to know whether flirting with other people / strangers / someone outside of a (monogamous) relationship might actually be healthy and beneficial to keeping the relationship alive? And how to spot when/if it’s becoming an issue? Is flirting with a random guy at a party okay, even if you're married? Is thinking about that same guy during sex with your partner okay? When should you actually tell your partner? What is behind the desire to flirt when in a long-term relationship? Why so many of us tempted to flirt? Is it sometimes a sign of being unhappy or are there other reasons too? (Lockdown perhaps!)? No need for an essay, just a few insights will do!

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