Prizes, gifts and giveaways

ended 31. December 2021

Below are a selection of gifts and giveaways that the Newspage community are prepared to offer. Please contact if you would like to use one in any articles and features.

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howing off the magic of your business…. We are in the business of showing off your business. You have been given the mission to find something unique and offering something different to your guests and clients! Naturally, you want the minimal hassle and easy setup to make your life easy, and a huge pat on the back from the boss at the end of a successful event! We pack small and OMG we hit big! We can name-drop clients such as Harvey Nichols, National Construction Awards at NIA Birmingham, Odeon Cinemas, Alton Tower, and, drop the mic, Coca-Cola! Just a few of the clients we have worked with! We break down barriers at Trade Shows, ignite conversations at Award Nights, we’re here to make your events the ones people remember and want to go to! We are offering 25% of our entertainment packages Code NEWSPAGEUK25
Hi Dominic - I would be very happy to give away copies of my book Locked Down but Not Out as all proceeds go to the Families Programme for bereaved families of NHS Workers. I have several books already printed that can be used. There is already a press release and picture in my Media section. It is particularly news-worth at the moment as they have just launched a Memorial Fund last week to provide finanicial grants to improve student outcomes of any bereaved young people.
We offer a range of gift boxes that we could offer including a Christmas range dropping 6th September 2021. We could offer single boxes or we specialise in corporate gifting so could do a prize etc of 10 boxes to a company.
I'd be happy to give away a copy of my book 'The Exceptional Team Blueprint™ Planner'. We’re all members of teams whether that’s in our working life, our personal life, or our family life. You don’t have to be in a team leadership position to affect its performance. You can positively influence the team, and the outcomes it delivers, as a team member just as effectively. The Exceptional Team Blueprint™ Planner is a practical workbook to help you become an exceptional member or leader of any team. I’ve structured the Planner into three sections. 1. A summary of the Exceptional Team Blueprint™ framework and its elements with explanations, activities, questions, processes and steps to prompt your thoughts and develop your ideas. 2. Templates to capture and build the content of your Team Charter. 3. Forms to use to plan your annual, monthly and weekly goals, activities and tasks at a team and personal level a rolling basis. You don’t need to wait until January to start using it.
Hi, I'm Dr Marianne Trent, Clinical Psychologist and lead author of The Grief Collective: Stories of Life, Loss & Learning to Heal. The Grief collective is a unique collection of 54 accounts of grief and grieving written by real people who have grieved for a variety of reasons. If you're doing a story on grief, grieving or loss I'd be able to send 3 signed copies of The grief collective (within the U.K.). Do let me know if you'd like any information or to discuss this, thanks, Marianne
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We would be delighted to offer THE Christmas gift for families. Our unique storybook, A Special Christmas, features faces and names of the whole family. . From 2 to 12+ people Choice of skin colour Finish: Soft or Hard Back High quality satin paper We also know that not all families fit into a standard story scenario, so we have templates for all family groups. If you don’t see what you need, just drop us an email and let us know. There's no other personalised book that can feature up to 12 family / friends members' faces and names ( and not forgetting the pets). Create your own book online, or ask our design team to help out. It's the perfect gift for keeping a family together, even when they are miles apart.
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I would be happy to put together a black and white gift box featuring a collection of my board books, story books and flash cards for relevant campaigns in the baby/children's market. My products help early visual development in new born babies using high contrast illustrations and the animal theme captures the imagination of children through each development stage to pre-school and beyond. Perfect for sensory play and learning about the natural world.
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We are happy to offer Mollie & Sky luxury candles, wax 'Moment Melts' and body care products (luxury body oil and body balm bars).
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I would be happy to consider gifting my products as competition prizes or giveaways. My knitwear is high quality handmade knitwear so which items I am prepared to gift will depend on the quality and suitability of the publication and the extent of the media exposure offered in exchange. Subject to this, the following items may be of interest (images are in my media pack). Scarves such as: and Mittens such as: and Please get in touch if you would like to know more.
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Prize value RRP: £175.88 I am happy to giveaway a whole year of a Baby's First Year Subscription Package designed for baby's from birth up to 12 months of age. Our award-winning Baby’s First Year subscription boxes are designed to give parents all the sensory toys and resources needed for a baby’s first twelve months. We’ve done all the research and shopping around, so parents don’t have to! The boxes are created as a quarterly series of four, tailored to a baby’s next milestones and accompanied by our downloadable Ways to Play guide, which is full of inspiration and ideas for exploring and enjoying the box contents together.
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Happy to give away scented candles, diffusers, room atomisers, votives). Also happy to give away a Candle Making for Business online course worth £225; Or a Candle Making kit worth £33.
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Family pottery painting session, including large family handprint keepsake plate. Worth up to £100.
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Hi I would be willing to offer a short break of two nights in our self-catering caravan accommodation on Havens Award-Winning Rockley Park overlooking Poole Harbour. The accommodation is dog friendly so all the family enjoy the break. There's loads to do and see in and around the surrounding area as well as on the park in season (park passes not included). website Best wishes Tricia
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Hey guys, We're able to offer prizes (whether it's for a family, couple, etc) up to a maximum of 4 people for our outdoor activities based in Beaulieu in The New Forest. We offer a range of activities including canoeing, kayaking, archery, high ropes and outdoor laser tag to name a few. Just let us know what you need!
Hello, I have a few products that I would be willing to gift. I have my first children's book, "Where Are We Going?" and I have my three decks of cards: A Little Box Full Of Confidence; A Little Box Full Of Happiness; and my cards that should be coming out this week, A Little Box Full Of Family Fun. Each deck contains thirty double sided cards with questions, activities and affirmations, all to boost confidence and happiness.
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Hey! We've talked to a couple of places before and would love to giveaway yearly subscriptions to our new online game (latest press release). These are priced at £35 per year and we're always happy to giveaway multiple if the exposure is larger.
We would be happy to donate a full box *36 packs* of our coconut scented FreshWipes worth £120. FreshWipes are antibacterial & biodegradable adult body wipes and can be used as an on-the-go 'shower in a pack' to freshen up and remove odour. Our customers are mainly HGV Drivers, Campers, Sports Enthusiasts, Elderly, Disabled, Cyclists.
Capikooa is an innovative toy brand that focuses on unleashing your child's imagination with top-quality, sustainable products. Capikooa cares about the way it does business make a positive impact on the world, from encouraging life skills like critical thinking, creativity and movement to the way it manufactures its products and helps reduce toy waste. We would be happy to give away a Capikooa balance board. The Capikooa balance board is beautifully made from ethically and sustainably sourced beech wood and finished to the highest standards with a child-safe, environmentally friendly lacquer. Designed to be a joyful, long-lasting addition to your home that will grow with your child and be used for different activities at different ages, this unique wooden toy provides hours of fun. RRP: £83.43 to £129.99
Hi I am willing to give a complimentary 90min coaching session worth £250. My work tends to be with professionals/business owners struggling with impostor syndrome, perfectionist tendencies and/or overwhelm. These feelings can hold back career or business growth and working with a coach can help achieve the clarity needed to progress. I can provide written, spoken or video content as required.
Hi Dom, I'd love to offer a number of our Learning Sets and Educational Boards to a variety of journalists, editors and bloggers working on gift guides, thoughtful gifts for children, Christmas gift guides, education supplements, back-to-school articles or anything parenting and child or learning related. Website:
CREATE RADIO AD 40 second professionally recorded radio advert created including voice-over (male or female) and bed music. Can be used on any station, your website and social media. You will need to provide text copy relating to your promotion. This service is digital, so shipping is not required. Not limited by location. ------ I am also to give away copies of my book The Stories behind The Songs, and free tickets to our online streaming concerts!
Learn the somatic stress management tool TRE® TRE® are simple but powerful exercises that help your body to release deep muscular patterns of stress. This supports you to return to a state of balance, e.g. a more relaxed nervous system – and can have many positive knock-on effects (like relaxation, resilience, better sleep, less pain etc.) I run group online courses (4 sessions) on a regular basis. Value: £120
I can arrange samples for the media from any of my clients - within reason! Faith In Nature - hair care, dog shampoos, laundry and washing liquid, bubble bath, shower gel, soaps and zero waste shampoo and conditioner bars. The Hair Boss by Lisa Shepherd - a range of hair treatments, semi permanent dyes, the ‘plex treatment’ hero product Double Hair Mask etc.. St Moriz - range of self tanning products. All vegan and cruelty free. Mr Fothergill’s Seeds - any seeds from their flower and vegetable seeds range. Darlac Tools - Pruners, shears, hand tools, watering systems and other specialist tools from the garden tools range they have on offer. HECK sausages - NPD or samples from their current range of sausages, burgers, mince and other products. Lancashire Tea - teabags! White Peak Distillery - gin, whisky, rum.
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