Prince Harry opens up about 'burnout'

ended 04. February 2022

Prince Harry has been talking about his experience of burnout after “burning candles at both ends”. What are your thoughts? Fair comment as we can all experience burnout or, as the media are concluding, more entitled rambling from our exiled Prince? Just a line or two will do.

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"All credit to the chap for speaking out about mental health. The consequences of over-work and under-resting are damaging and dangerous. However, I'd like to point out that almost every working-class parent who has suffered at the hands of successive governments will have more to say about it than a toff does. Maybe, the people at the top should come and live the lives of people on the breadline, as most of them have no clue as to what burnout looks like. The fear that strikes a mother not knowing how they'll put food on the table, the embarrassment that cuts to a couple's soul of not being able to provide for their kith and kin, the anguish of every father feeling as though they've let down their family, even though he's working every hour that god sends. As my dear old dad used to say, "son, a little help is worth a tonne of pity". People don't need to know about a Prince's experience; they want a government and an economy that works for them, rather than shafts them at every available opportunity on a scale that isn't conceivable to those who haven't lived it."
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"Burnout doesn't discriminate, and everyone can face trauma, a lack of boundaries and struggle to implement a self-care routine that works for them. Clearly, his openness about his struggles is beneficial in the flashy and fake world we live in, but even he has to be mindful that his status and privilege mean that he is protected from many of the challenges people have faced over the past few years."
"Whilst I don't subscribe to the view that if you're rich and famous you aren't allowed to have problems, his latest comments come off as shameless self-promotion for his latest business venture."
Working parent of two kids? I feel you, Harry. I'm feeling the burn too. More high profile men speaking out about their feelings like this please! It's never been more important to build a culture where men feel able to be vulnerable and open.
Harry’s blatant sales pitch for his latest JV is rather unpalatable. But my cringeworthy admission is that I’ve found myself an ally. Having experienced burnout last summer, the struggle is horribly real, and can happen regardless of perceived success, support and financial situation. Well done old chap in normalising mental health yet again.
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"I get this totally. I was left by my ex-husband with a 10-day old baby. For the first 18 months I was working a full-time career in higher education, being a mum and trying to have a night out each week with the girls. I ended up in hospital for three weeks with double pneumonia! Burnout, for whatever reason, shouldn't be judged. Everyone has their own 'stuff' going on behind the scenes and sometimes not even people who share the same house understand and notice."
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"Anybody can experience burnout, from work, partying or both! It seems the privileged should not have a voice. Do we assume that having plenty of money makes him happy and that he can sit around all day chillin'? In my experience as a money coach, people from ALL backgrounds have problems and challenges with their thought on how to be and do life. What Harry says is his view of his life. How we hear it says a lot about us. Harry may have a bank account full of cash but he still lives day to day. On this occasion maybe he could do with a bit of tolerance?"