PM hammered over Christmas Party in PMQs

ended 01. December 2021

The PM was just hammered in PMQs for holding a Christmas party in Number 10 last year just days before Christmas, when London had tier 3 restrictions. He was accused of “taking the British public for fools” by Kier Starmer, “with one rule for them, and another for the rest of us”. We sought the views of small business owners around the UK, who also gave suggestions on how he could repent.

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"The contempt with which Boris and his merry (in this case presumably very merry) band of corrupt charlatans have treated, and continue to treat the UK public, is nothing short of a disgrace. Boris has the morals of a sewer rat and has done nothing but stoke division between people nationally and sow bad faith within Europe, all while treating the electorate as his pet. Yet, at the same time, he and his pals feather their own nests. I still struggle to comprehend how anyone could bring themselves to vote for the man, irrespective of how much Latin b******s he trots out. Bring on the revolution."
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"I'm sat here kicking myself, as during the tough Christmas last year, I could have been flogging booze to Number 10 all along. That would have given my small business a much-needed lift. Next time you're having a bash Boris, don't forget to check us out. On a more serious note, you couldn't make it up. There's us, the honest British public, complying with the rules and trying to adapt our businesses to ensure we do things right, while our esteemed PM is popping the champagne corks with his pals in Downing Street."
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"What's the excuse this time? Was the PM testing his palate? I know countless businesses and individuals who have suffered real world consequences from the measures this government have implemented, and for all the sacrifices and hardship they have endured, they're rewarded with this. Boris is on a different planet."
"It's OK for the PM to hold a party while the rest of us had to endure a brutal Christmas last year. Thanks Boris. Such support you showed there for the hospitality and events sector."
"Such a surprise that the PM has been caught holding a party during Christmas restrictions last year. He has always has been a law unto himself. But to discover such a deliberate abuse of the rules at a time when the possibility of stricter restrictions is hanging over us is dangerous. After all, will anyone now take him seriously if he decides to increase restrictions before Christmas? And to all those people who religiously applied the rules last year and had a lonely, sad and depressing Christmas I think he should personally source and deliver turkeys to each one."
"Well, it goes without saying that holding a private Christmas party this time last year was definitely hypocritical of Boris. One rule for Boris and a different for we mortals doesn't sit right with me. He has repeatedly stated that 'we are all in this together' so it's time to start acting like that surely? Perhaps he should consider supporting a festive initiative such as food and shelter for the homeless this year to make amends."