Planning applications

ended 24. March 2022

Anyone got any snap thoughts on this planning applications data? Seems planning process is getting worse, not better. Deadline is ASAP.

2 responses from the Newspage community

"Once again we have evidence of rank incompetence from the Tory party. Now it's planning suffering when we've already got a housing crisis. We have a structural supply side problem with not enough homes as it is and they're baking in the problem further. With a recession around the corner, I'm reminded of the words of Aristotle: 'Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime'."
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"Seven percent fewer residential applications agreed than a year before and we wonder why house prices are going through the roof. Until we build more houses as a nation that are fit for purpose, any work done to help get people on the ladder is merely tinkering round the edges because we are seemingly happy to blindly ignore the root cause of the problem, namely supply. Supply is obscenely low."