Petrol prices hit record high

ended 25. October 2021

This morning, the RAC and AA claimed petrol prices have reached an all-time high, with one describing it as “a truly dark day for drivers”. If you and/or your business are being affected by the high price of fuel right now, tell us about it below. Remember: soundbites not essays! Just 2-3 sentences will do.

10 responses from the Newspage community

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“On our Facebook page, there’s currently a lot of discussion among small independent makers about relatively low sales. The fact that fuel prices have now hit an all-time high is piling even more pressure on them, as many travel to markets to sell their products. Now, more than ever, people need to back independents who are facing challenges across the board.”
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"Another day, another challenge for the average small business owner, especially those whose jobs involve transport, delivery and drop-offs. This is yet more price hikes that we have to swallow among all our other rising costs. We'll undoubtedly see couriers increase their prices under the banner of a 'fuel surcharge', but do we pass this onto our own customers who are already being hit with prices rising elsewhere? It's yet another headache and challenge to overcome."
"This is yet another kick in the teeth for people already struggling with a hike in energy prices and inflation as a whole. The fear for homeowners now is that this puts further pressure on the Bank of England to increase the base rate."
"Personally, the rise in fuel prices has been hidden by the fact that I am working from home still. With many doing the same, either full time, or with just a few days a week in the office, it's allowed the rises to be less obvious than if we'd reached these sorts of prices pre-pandemic. Now that would have been a problem."
"At £153.9 for diesel here in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, I am going to need a mortgage to fill up the car just to take the kids to school, let alone any business driving."
"Yet another hammer blow for small businesses that provide a service to the community. I am yet again hit with having to absorb these extra costs and reduce my chances of getting back on track. I have now got no choice but to reduce my mobile side of the business to reduce costs."
"The fuel prices mean that the UK’s army of temporary workers, which so many businesses are reliant on right now, can’t afford their journeys to work. Many sectors are already starved of people including health, social care, hospitality, agriculture, distribution centres and factories, where temps are sorely needed to keep businesses going. These firms have no choice but to pay a premium if they want to be sure that enough people can show up for their shifts and keep delivering their outputs."
"The pinch for us comes from our suppliers yet again being forced to hike prices due to costs spiralling for them from all directions. Yet another kick in the teeth for small businesses."
"Rising costs are a massive issue at the moment for consumers, especially if you drive to work. Employers need to think about ways they can help their staff save money to counteract rising prices, as the pressure on household finances is becoming unbearable."
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"As a small business with tight margins, every cost hike wherever it is has a significant impact. As I sell at farmers markets, which I have to drive to, I'm seeing my income dwindle away and I'm powerless to do anything about it. These petrol price increases are taking my business to the brink."