Journalist: Sarah O'Grady, The Daily Express

ended 29. June 2022

FOLLOWING a freedom of information request, over-60s campaign group Silver Voices has discovered that only about one in 20 pensioners get the widely quoted £185.15 per week top rate of the new state pension. 

87% of those over state pension age are still on the old state pension rate of £141.85 pw or less. 

The new state pension scheme only applies to those who retired after 5 April 2016.

There's obviously an injustice here which means many state pensioners are losing out. Those without private pensions to close the gap, struggling much more.

Reaction please needed today Wednesday 29 June.

5 responses from the Newspage community

This is shocking but not surprising. We produce a State Benefit calculator for every client who approaches us for Equity Release advice. It is extremely rare that we see clients on a pension of over £141.85 per week. There are many pensioners who do not claim their other benefits, including the single person Council Tax discount. In an economy where pensioners are struggling to heat their homes or eat well, more must be done to ensure they receive everything they are entitled to.
It's no surprise many pensioners are unaware they are entitled to the top rate. Like many other benefits, the government never advertise the fact. And the process of applying is often made deliberately onerous. There really needs to be a legal obligation to provide a letter or SMS notification to anyone in line for benefits.
If you think you're not getting as much from the State Pension as you are entitled to, contact the Department for Work and Pensions. Do not wait for them to contact you. Do not rely on them to be proactive. And do not rely on the State Pension to give you a comfortable retirement, as it won't. Look at your personal pensions and whatever you are currently putting away each month, and try to put in more. You deserve to have the retirement you want. But you need to take charge and be in control. Nobody is going to do it for you.
Of course, only one in twenty receiving the full new state pension appears shocking. However, many people will only be 'missing out' because they have other 'contracted out' pensions in place such as occupational schemes. Consequently, it's important not to rush to snap soundbites such as declaring this an 'injustice'. And, when we compare those with, and without a full new state pension, we might find many of those 'without' might actually be better off because of those other pension entitlements.
SHOCKING and wrong! Why should the new rate not apply to people who retired prior to 5th April 2016? How are they any different from those who retired after that date? With the rise in costs EVERYWHERE recently, £40 a week is critical. THIS NEEDS CHANGING!