PA Media - construction hold-ups

ended 26. August 2021

Some stats emerged from the Office for National Statistics today revealing 15.4% of construction firms say they “have not been able to get the materials, goods or services needed” to carry out their work (e.g. build homes).

A journalist at PA Media, the UK’s leading newswire, has asked if anyone knows any small construction companies that are having to pause work on current projects or turn down work because of issues getting hold of raw materials or manpower. 

If you've got any examples of this, even anecdotal, please drop them here. Deadline is tight!

2 responses from the Newspage community

"The level of redevelopment in Salcombe continues at an unprecedented pace, but it hit its operational limits months ago. Local construction companies are turning down work left, right and centre as they simply haven’t the manpower, nor the materials, to satisfy demand. Well-heeled property owners might have the readies, but they can’t find a bricklayer or carpenter for love nor money."
"I've had a hard enough time getting materials for renovating my back garden, so it must be chaos on the commercial front. If you can get building supplies at all, they are rationed and the builder's merchants have nicknamed the higher prices a "COVID TAX". I can't imagine how hard it is to build a house in today's environment."