ONS report: Violence against women and girls

ended 24. November 2021

This morning, the ONS is publishing a detailed report entitled ‘The lasting impact of violence against women and girls. Violence against women and girls includes a variety of experiences such as domestic abuse, harassment and homicide. This analysis details the prevalence of these experiences across England and Wales and the long-term effects on victims and survivors, including mental health issues and homelessness.

If you have any insights or views on this, please send them across. We will leave this alert open until 11am if you would like to view the report's findings before commenting. 

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"This report makes for extremely harrowing reading. As a society we all need to be working together to highlight the long-lasting effects of trauma on the women and girls affected and also on any children who are living in domestically abusive homes. Long-term effects of trauma are far ranging and can affect future relationships, long-term mental health, academic attainment, career progression and overall self-esteem. Schools, employers and statutory organisations need to become more aware of the effects of trauma, gain the skills needed to spot its signs and ensure they are able to signpost people to the appropriate support services."