Omicron and the events / hospitality sector

ended 02. December 2021

Though the Govt says Christmas parties and other events should continue, apparently many (both corporate and private) are being cancelled left, right and centre. Are you experiencing this? What impact it is having on your business in the run-=up to Christmas? Just a few lines will do. Soundbites, not War and Peace!

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Star Quote
"Hospitality has been one of the hardest hit sectors during the pandemic, and news that Christmas parties and festive events are being cancelled around the UK at scale is a devastating blow. Our pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants needed this Christmas more than ever but they have been blindsided by the Omicron variant. As long as they are held safely, and with the necessary precautions in place, my view is that Christmas parties should still go ahead. They also also provide a much-needed boost for staff after a tough and uncertain year. The Omicron variant really couldn't have come at a worse time and could seal the fate of many hospitality businesses."