Official housing supply data

ended 02. December 2021

This morning at 09:30, the Govt is publishing  a report entitled ‘Housing starts on site and housing completions delivered by Homes England in England’. It will cover the amount of affordable homes built between April and September of this year. So a simple one this.

  • Are we building enough affordable homes in England?

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3 responses from the Newspage community

"Affordable homes often aren't affordable at all. Most new affordable homes are priced at £200k plus, which means an absolute minimum deposit of £10,000 and income of roughly £42,000. This is beyond the reach of many first-time buyers and those on lower incomes. Another reason why we're building nowhere near enough affordable homes is the mindset of the developers involved. They are in it solely for the returns rather than the social imperative and that can stall and scupper deals from Day One."
"The number of new affordable homes being built is nothing short of laughable. Homes England is a headless chicken and the government has repeatedly failed to get on top of the problem that is land banking by large developers. If the government is serious, it need a proper strategy, and a proper strategy involves legislating to take away power from large developers. It’s very simple if you do it that way."
"The issue isn't simply building enough affordable homes but building them in the right places. Affordable homes need to be built within a commutable distance to job opportunities or even the most affordable home instantly becomes unaffordable due to the cost of travel, both private and public."