Off-the-wall work-based football celebrations

ended 08. July 2021

Light one for you all this morning, as I'm sure many are nursing a sore head. If England win on Sunday night, in their first major tournament final for 55 years, will you be doing anything particularly wacky as a small business or charity owner to celebrate?

The more zany it is, the more likely you'll get picked up (such is the nature of the media beast). Think of this as a fun piece for the tabloids (and local rags) along the lines of… "If England win, business owners plan to celebrate by doing XYZ for their staff/customers…" Yep, deep I know. But clickbait like this defines the painfully vapid times in which we live.

Just a line or two will do. Deadline is tight as we plan to issue this to the media this morning.

5 responses from the Newspage community

"If England win, we plan to celebrate by having an office lunch fuddle for staff and volunteers (and a few hours off!) The last 16 months have been the hardest we have ever faced, with an ever-increasing demand for support from people isolated, frightened and in distressing situations. Our team deserve a treat for all their dedication and continued passion to make a difference."
Get creative! If you’re a manufacturing business employees may prefer to work the Saturday in lieu of the Monday. Or best case if you can, just give everyone the day off. It will reap you tenfold in loyalty as a return.
If football does indeed come home I’d recommend it got a cracking 5 year fixed rate deal and stayed put for a while
"If England win, I will bleach my hair just like Phil Foden, and get as many members of our gym to do it as well - even the Welsh ones."
"If England win Euro 2020, we will be giving everyone 5.5 hours of extra time off work to represent the 55 years since we last won a major tournament."