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Journalist: Monica Greep, MailOnline

ended 27. April 2022

I am a journalist at MailOnline looking for a cinema expert who can comment on the reasons that cinema has seen an influx of films in which older actors reprise their roles. For example, is it because young people are no longer the target demographic for cinemas and the movie industry is looking to claw back customers by instilling of sense of nostalgia?

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“There is almost certainly a commercial reason for cinemas increasingly seeking to appeal to an older audience. Older filmgoers grew up in an age when cinema ruled supreme, while these days the cinema has to compete with the likes of Netflix, YouTube and Apple TV for a younger audience. Digital natives are far harder to get to the cinema than people who grew up with it in their blood, for whom going to the movies was in their DNA. Older actors reprising their roles can guarantee that a certain demographic will attend, as it taps into a nostalgia and emotional bond that continues throughout people’s lives. Essentially, 'dusting off' older actors are going for the low hanging fruit. "Equally, we’re seeing a lot more people turn to arthouse cinema and documentaries these days. What was once a niche has become significantly more mainstream, as modern audiences want more from their cinematic experience than just another rehash of a superhero movie. The big Hollywood blockbuster movies can still attract crowds but they no longer have the influence they did. These days, even younger audiences are more discerning and are increasingly turning their backs on movies that serve up the same old narratives and plots. The sheer diversity of content available online has made people more selective about what they will spend their money on. They want a value that another vapid action flick simply cannot provide."