Mortgage Solutions - quick reaction needed

ended 04. January 2022

Good morning Vietnam (well, Blighty, but it doesn't sound as good)! A journalist at Mortgage Solutions wants brokers' New Year resolutions. What are you planning to do differently with your business this year in order to put yourself on a sounder footing? That's it. Go go go. No need for an essay and keep it clean! Bonus points if you can include the word 'Machiavellian".


4 responses from the Newspage community

My New Years resolution is to dive into helping clients this year. We spent 2021 helping Teachers across the UK with all their mortgage needs. We aim to expand that to other types of lending this year, including Equity release for retired teachers, second charges and bridging.
Our focus in 2022 is implementing marketing and customer service strategies to help us differentiate Self Employed Mortgage Hub from our competition. Branding and inbound marketing is key, so we'll be looking to build our own YouTube channel from Q2 onwards. Not many brokers are doing it, and people are spending increasing amounts of time watching YouTube on the tv now. We see it as a great opportunity to expand our reach, whilst educating and providing value to prospects and customers.
A new year and new variant of covid already taking hold of the nation, we are still offering clients our services remotely with all the technology available and face to face when required as we are all waiting on the government and its Machiavellian approach to see us through this year again, but one thing is for sure we shall continue to offer a personal service to clients omicron or no omicron.
One resolution brokers should consider is taking their protection income on non-indemnity. Once you start each month knowing that you're basic expenses are covered before even getting out of bed on the first of the months you truly have the freedom to grow your business organically and not chase the brass month to month.