Mortgage Solutions feature on wills

ended 19. October 2021

A freelance hack we know is writing a piece for Mortgage Solutions today on wills, pegged on the fact that October is free wills month. He'd love to get the thoughts of brokers about whether you raise the subject of wills with your clients, since in theory they present another income stream and could be tied in with things like life insurance? If they do, how do they go about doing it? And if not, why is it not something that they cover? Go go go. 4-5 sentences max or I'm cracking skulls.

2 responses from the Newspage community

"We let our clients know that we provide a full protection service and have specialists offering life insurance, income protection and wills. The majority of our brokers have life and income protection policies because they would rather pay a relatively small amount each month to ensure they are covered in case something unexpected happens."
"Many brokers have the opportunity to sort a will for a customer, usually by way of a simple referral. However, the evidence shows that many don't, usually because the customer doesn't think they need one right now, which is generally the same excuse people give for not taking out mortgage protection. Or it could simply be the broker has so many other topics to discuss and the client decisions to make they just put the decision away to decide on another day. In any event, the impact of not doing a will is not immediately felt but could have a massive impact on those left behind. Education of why preparing a will is so important and also incentivising the client with no set-up costs can only have a positive impact and ensure clients take the important decisions at the appropriate time."