Metro - talking to friends who don't want to be vaccinated

ended 05. August 2021

A journalist at the Metro is looking for experts to give comments on how to talk to a friend who doesn't want to get vaccinated. She's looking for tips on how to approach the conversation/what to say/what to keep in mind. 2-3 sentences will do!

2 responses from the Newspage community

"It’s important to reassure your friend and acknowledge the different views that are out there about the vaccine. Talk about the anxieties we all feel and highlight the contradictory information that exists, especially on social media. Above all listen to your friends and their fears. Don’t judge or make them feel like they're in the wrong. Compassion and understanding is needed. If you're a believer in the vaccine, support them to understand the benefits of being vaccinated."
No need to say anything. Having the vaccine or not is a personal choice and should be respected. If they have a different belief or choice than you, respect that. Just like you wouldn't ask your friend about their sex life why ask them about their vaccine choice?