Metro seeking views of psychotherapist / psychologist

ended 25. May 2021

A journalist at Metro is writing a piece on the practice of energy healing; she is specifically looking for a psychotherapist or (clinical) psychologist to give a disclaimer on how it might influence someone in a negative way (e.g. it may prevent someone from seeking therapy in favour of energy healing), but also how it might be helpful/appeal to some people. 

Deadline is tight - a couple of snappy sentences will do. 


1 responses from the Newspage community

"The advantage of traditional talking therapy is the possibility of better understanding why we feel and respond to people and events in the way we do, and working towards developing healthier alert_responses. "Energy healing will appeal to some in that it doesn't require you to bare your soul and takes the responsibility for change out of your hands. "Ultimately though, real, permanent change can only come from you being able to recognise and own what you are feeling and work through it, ideally with the help of a professional."