Metro seeking thoughts on better sleeping

ended 07. March 2021

The Metro Newspaper is writing an article on how to sleep better.

They're after research or stats about how sleep has been impacted by the pandemic, as well as views on whether any gadgets and apps that are intended to help you sleep better actually work.

If you've got any views on this, let us know.

2 responses from the Newspage community

As a clinical hypnotherapist I provide all of my clients with my relaxation recording to listen to as they fall asleep. This gives a busy mind mulling over worries something pleasant and useful to focus on instead. Feedback from my clients and personal experience is that sleep is improved. I wear headband blu tooth headphones by Musicosy that are really comfy.

Wake Up With Zest

In our recent poll on how people have slept during the pandemic, 56% of respondents said their sleep had been adversely affected against only 16% who have claimed to have slept better. As someone who has been working in sleep for many years, and who has seen a plethora of gadgets and apps come onto the market, I can safely say that the number one thing that will aid good sleep is quite simple. It's called routine and having a good one. Apart from a possible placebo effect, apps and gadgets are mostly like sticking plasters, they don't get to the root of people's sleep problems.