May 17th 2021 - your experience of the big day

ended 18. May 2021

On Monday 17th May 2021, pubs, bars and restaurants, cinemas, theatres, hotels, B&Bs and sports events are once again able to welcome guests inside.

It's a symbolic day for the British people and businesses alike and we want to ensure as many hospitality, entertainment and events businesses get as much media exposure as possible.

We're therefore asking business owners in all those sectors to add their experiences of Monday 17th May below and we will send them to all relevant media (their local newspapers and radio/TV stations, and also national newspapers and websites) in real time.

This viewsWire will remain open until lunchtime on Tuesday, so please add thoughts at any time on Monday or, if you're flat out on Monday, on Tuesday morning when you have a bit more time. 

1 responses from the Newspage community

"It felt like the day that would never come. A huge weight has been lifted as we take this next step to a restriction-free world again. "It was beautiful to see the excitement on my teams' faces as they opened the doors for the first time in months. The warmth, smell of freshly ground coffee and buzz is electric. A pure joy. "I am incredibly thankful to each customer that visits today and this week, and to each member of our teams who makes Monday and the week ahead a huge success. "Who would have thought that a Monday morning could be the highlight of the week?"