Management Today - Can a demotion ever be done well?

ended 16. September 2021

Based on yesterday's Government reshuffle, a journalist at Management Today is writing an article about whether a demotion can ever be handled well. He's seeking tips for managers about how to do them as best they can, e.g. ways you can still maintain the engagement of the person being demoted. Short and punchy responses of 3-4 sentences MAX are perfect.

2 responses from the Newspage community

"Demotion in the world of work would be a punitive measure and one an employer would want to avoid if the underlying issue is one of capability. That said, if you have an employee who is a ‘square peg in a round hole’, then transfer to an alternative role is a good option. It’s about exploring in an adult-to-adult way the reasons. It may be the role is too challenging, or it’s evident their personal skills do not suit the role. They may be way out of their comfort zone and it’s about bringing them to this realisation and reframing the move as something which will ultimately be a positive one for them, be it intrinsically or non-financially."
"I wonder whether the word "demotion" is the right one to use? A change of job by way of anything other than a sidestep or promotion isn’t the obvious route to career that we’d always dreamt of but when positioned correctly, a change of direction could be the perfect answer for an employee if things aren’t going how they should be. Managers need to work with employees to identify the key strengths and future potential of each individual, alongside a plan to overcome challenges in the longer term and aligned to their own personal future career goals. "Every organisation should be actively involved in employee engagement and considering 4 main pillars - enablement, energy, empowerment and encouragement. "If handled well, the employee will understand the reasons for being demoted and can often result in you both working together to pave the way for future company growth. For me, engaging people in the ‘purpose’ of the organisation always wins and the performance of the business will always succeed. "In 2021, we’re quickly seeing the best managers become team coaches and that means decisions are already fully understood before tough conversations need to be had."