Mail Online article on 'HOGO'

ended 26. November 2021

A journalist at the Mail Online is seeking views from psychologists about the sensation of 'HOGO' (hassle of going out) and how people want to stay in after lockdown following a surge in restaurant cancellations. She would like to know how this differs from 'FOMO' and being 'over-scheduled' or too busy before Covid. Jot your thoughts below!

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Well, we could say it's laziness or saving the pennies... But...maybe we are getting honest with ourselves and choosing what we need over what we want. We may want to avoid FOMO - the drive is still there to book that table! - but the peace and ease of lockdown tells us we don't really need the HOGO. It's not that we're too busy, it's just that we have learned that we can meet our needs better in our own space and place - and we're far from missing out. One lockdown legacy might just be our own better choices for life and living.